Bruce Oldfield Couture is regularly in the British and international media. We have compiled much of the latest editorial coverage on this page and will update it regularly with key articles.

Her Majesty The Queen wearing the Coronation Dress
designed by Bruce Oldfield and made by his Couture team in London
Bruce Oldfield
PHOTO CREDIT: Antalya von Preussen

Latest editorial

Bruce and his couture team have recently received substantial amounts of editorial coverage in connection with Her Majesty The Queen’s coronation dress. Please click on the links below to explore this and more editorial about Bruce's life and his couture designs.

Hablamos con el diseñador del vestido de Camilla, Bruce Oldfield
Mujer Hoyw (Spain), 8th May 2023

A dress fit for a queen
New York magazine, The Cut, 9th May 2023

The Queen wanted what everyone wants in a dress – allure, 7th May 2023

Bruce Oldfield, Queen Camilla’s Coronation Gown Designer
British Vogue, 6th May 2023

Camilla’s Bruce Oldfield coronation gown decorated with wildflowers and bunting
The Independent, 6th May 2023

Former Ripon Grammar School student designs Queen Camilla’s dress
The Stray Ferret, 6th May 2023 – the local newspaper of Bruce’s old school, Ripon Grammar

The hidden meaning behind Camilla’s coronation outfit
CNN, 6th May 2023

Camilla’s Bruce Oldfield coronation gown decorated with wildflowers and bunting
The Evening Standard, London, 6th May 2023

The outfits Kate and Camilla wore to the coronation
BBC Online, 6th May 2023

Camilla, Queen Consort, Wears Bruce Oldfield for the Coronation of King Charles III
WWD, 6th May 2023

“For me, this is the ultimate commission of my career”
The Daily Telegraph, 6th May 2023

My Bruce Oldfield wedding gown made me feel like a movie star – and look as if I’d lost an extra stone
The Sunday Telegraph, 30th April 2023

Brucie bonus for us and Camilla
Mail on Sunday, 23rd April 2023

Bruce Oldfield is a perfect but also risky choice to design the Queen Consort’s coronation gown
The Telegraph, 24th February 2023

Queen picks trusted designer Bruce Oldfield for Coronation dress
The Telegraph, 24th February 2023

The man who gave Diana glamour and Camilla confidence: Bruce Oldfield prepares to design the Queen Consort’s dress of a lifetime for the King’s Coronation
Daily Mail, 24th February 2023

Diana’s ‘favourite designer’ Bruce Oldfield is picked by Queen Camilla to make her gown for King Charles’s upcoming coronation
Daily Mail, 24th February 2023

Why it isn’t surprising Queen Consort Camilla chose Princess Diana’s dress designer for the coronation
HELLO! UK, 14th April 2023

Diana’s ‘Favorite Designer’ Chosen By Queen Camilla To Make Her Dress For King Charles’ Coronation
NY Breaking, 24th February 2023

Queen Consort chose Princess Diana’s Favorite Designer to make her Coronation Outfit
HOLA! (Spain), 24th February 2023